At age 13 she was seeing bands like The Cramps, The Dickies, X, Stiv Bators, David Johnson and the others live at Whisky A Go Go in LA. She was later accepted to Music & Art in Harlem NY. Coming from a theatrical NYC born family she started off at 19 on off Broadway with director John Cassavetes who cast her in the play ‘Thornhill’ about Eugene O'Neill.

Dominique has been singing and playing bass for 20+ years for many different touring and recording groups. One of which was called Dominatrix, who reached high on the dance charts. The Dominatrix music video ‘The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight’ and their live shows are a part of why in 2012, this music video was placed on display in the contemporary art wing of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Later Dominique was cast for staring roles in several indie flicks. She can be seen playing opposite Lea Thompson in big studio film Howard The Duck.

She has penned songs for several films as well. Dominique played bass in the Keenan Ivory Wayans show house band for a year-It was first ever Disney/Fox merger. Her passion for songwriting is in full force today… with long standing songwriting and band partner the fiercely talented Kathy Valentine. Their band the Blue Bonnets who have been called ‘glamorous blues rock’ but really break out of any genre with current fresh cuts that leaves you craving more.

Want more? Add SuperEtte to the mix. This new project punches hard and it’s her best-kept secret… well maybe not so secret anymore. SuperEtte has new cuts coming out soon, so hold tight.


He was born in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. His father was a used snake oil salesman and his mother was a dentist for a traveling sideshow. It wasn't until age 20, that he decided to pick up the guitar. One late fall afternoon, he had near death experience with an elephant that happened to possess a mechanical hand. This lead to a what can only be described as a spiritual awakening. He eventually panhandled his way down the panhandle, to Austin Texas where he met the love of his life. He has been happily married for several years and is the proud father of two girls. He also has a Siamese cat named Carlos who is blind in one eye.


I was born in a small southern Texas ranching town called Hebbronville. I was drawn in by the sounds of pop radio hits and always felt like I should be jamming in my school bands from day one. I would sneak in and hit the drums at school games when no one was around. When I declared I wanted to play the drums in Jr high, I was steered away and told that playing drums was more for the boys. So, not willing to give up my passion for music, I took up the flute. I enjoyed it and was actually quite good… however… I did not feel the fire I felt I should be feeling. Years later, I relocated to Austin where I met and was mentored by Austin drummer and Texas Hall Of Famer’ Terri Lord. I have been playing drums for over 20 years now and have played with the likes of; The Hormones, Tallboy, Handful and Ursa Major… and I continue to play with; American People, SuperEtte, Mike Dubose & The Dissidents.



when people are cold and hard and hate

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yours til the end

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yours til the end

yours til the end

6 tracks


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Hole in the wall

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